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Height: 5,112 feet (1,558 meters)
Location: Devils Tower, Wyoming, United States, North America
Lat/Lon: 44.59°N, 104.71°W
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Dear Fellow Climbers & Adventure Seekers!

Hello and Welcome to Above All Climbing Guides & Devils Tower Lodge! The following pages, Climbing The Tower and Route Descriptions, are an attempt to say Thank You to Everyone and to Acknowledge that we have been Blessed Beyond Words.

The following information is the product of more than 1000 Devils Tower Summits and 33 years of climbing on this Amazing Tower! I have always seen Devils Tower Climbing change lives for the Larger & Better. It surely has changed mine, and continues to do so, on a daily basis. I am certain that the Tower will effect you similarily . . .The Tower is a Teacher, we simply need to be here, Climbing, to Learn some of Life's Best Lessons.

See Ya Up On The Rock!!!


~ Frank Sanders ~

Friends of Bill W.

About Climbing The Devils Tower

Devils Tower National Monument in Devils Tower, Wyoming is best characterized by its numerous, long crack systems. Free climbing routes, that lead to the Devils Tower Summit, range from 5.6 to 5.12 in difficulty. There are numerous aid climbing lines, currently ranging in difficulty from A1 to A4 and C1 to C3. Devils Tower is obviously the perfect place for our climbing school!

Routes that Summit Devils Tower National Monument, provide 500 to 600 feet of climbing, on very solid rock. Devils Tower climbing is popular, with more than 1,000 rock climbers each season. About 85% of all climbers are on the Durrance Route, the most moderate route to the Devils Tower Summit. That leaves the other 200+ routes with significantly less traffic and a much more private atmosphere. Fritz Weissner, Jack Durrance, John McCarthy, Royal Robbins, Bob Kamps, Chuck Pratt, Layton Kor, Fred Becky and Henry Barber (to name a few)have all pioneered Devils Tower climbing routes. There are Truly Classic climbing routes of every grade and cracks of every size. Devils Tower climbing needs to be on your Lifelist!!!

Please Note:
The Park Service at Devils Tower National Monument only asks that you sign-in each day, before Climbing and sign-out when you finish. A portion of Devils Tower on the west side is closed to Climbing and Guided Climbs from late March, to the end of June, with respect towards the Falcons that nest there. The National Monument provides an exact list of closed climbing routes for that period. Otherwise, Devils Tower Natioanl Monument is a very "climber friendly" place, and open for Climbing every day of every month of the year.

Frank Sanders, Chief Climbing Instructor & Guide & Lodge Host at Devils Tower Bed & Breakfast in Devils Tower Wyoming climbing his way to the Top of The Tower on the I Can Resist Anything  Except Temptation route!When To Climb:
Although Devils Tower climbing can be done in every month of the year, the best weather is in the April through September time frame. In May and June the days are the longest and the temperatures most moderate. July and August can be quite hot, especially for those aspiring to climb the Durrance Route, as it is located on Devils Tower South Face. Those wishing to climb the Durrance Route or other south face Routes in the summer months should consider very early morning starts (6 a.m. is late!). Excellent times to avoid would be Memorial Day & Labor Day weekends and the first two weeks of August (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally) as there are many Tower visitors.

No overnight camping is allowed ON Devils Tower National Monument. There are campgrounds both inside the National Park (NPS) and outside the National Park (KOA). There are also motels, 12 miles away in Hulett, WY. Yet, all of these options fall far short of one facility that is nestled at the base of Devils Tower. We offer a Lovely Bed & Breakfast Lodge, that you must drive through the National Monument to access. Located on 21 acres of private land, it is the closest residence to Devils Tower and features stunning views and the finest accommodations, as well as a hot tub, and a fitness room with an indoor climbing wall. We offer guided climbs, climbing guides and climbing school and are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help in anyway, whether you stay with us or not !! If other camping or accommodations are unavailable or unappealing to you, please call us and we can arrange for you to camp with us! (Donations Accepted)
Check with us for more lodging information.

Getting Here:
Devils Tower National Monument is located in Northeast Wyoming, turn off of Interstate 90 at either Sundance or Moorcroft exits onto Wyoming Hwy 14, follow that road approximately 25 miles to the Devils Tower Junction, there you will turn North on Hwy 24 and proceed 5 miles to the Devils Tower National Park entrance. Entrance fees to the park are $10, or a Golden Eagle Park Pass gets you in for free. If you get lost, call The Devils Tower National Park Service at 307-467-5283 or feel free to contact us at Devils Tower Lodge 1-888-314-5267.

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Devils Tower Climbing with Above All Climbing School & Climbing Guides at Devils Tower National Monument in Devils Tower Wyoming offer Guided Climbs every day of the year!

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